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Admin & Moderators Listen Up!

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Admin & Moderators Listen Up! Empty Admin & Moderators Listen Up!

Post by GiantStorm on Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:36 am

You may already know this but i have to tell you anyways. From now on if you want something changed please ask in the forum called Suggestions under News And Announcements Category. I don't want you to change anything by yourself unless I give you the ok. Im not trying to be rude by telling you this I'm just trying to ensure that this forum will be successful enough for anyone who wanders onto this Forum. I will give you permission to change people's profile information, though you can't change any other staff member's profile. You can also edit and or delete posts that are inappropriate and offensive to you or to others, do not edit otherwise. Please and Thank You.


Admin & Moderators Listen Up! VFZKU

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