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Naithar Lasvain under edits.

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Naithar Lasvain under edits.

Post by Zeek21 on Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:35 pm

RPG: (Which RP is this Character a Part of?)

Character Name: Naithar Lasvain (Oak Friend Wild Spirit)

Alias/Nickname: Oaken

Race/Class: Elf Warden

Apparent Age: 24

Gender: male

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 205

Hair Color/Style: light golden hair with oak color highlights, in a messy spiked pattern. (random pattern)

Eyes: (Any color) Forest green in the day time. Turn black when moon is out for slightly increased vision, When moon is gone they turn red, more enhanced vision in the dark and to scare people and some monsters etc.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Has his Elvin clan symbol on his back. and on his chest has the oak spirit symbol. A scar going from his left shoulder to right side of waist.

Physical Appearance: Looks healthy and Fit. Doesn't appear overly muscled, strong, and average body with and size.

Carried Possessions: A magical necklace that helps channel his magical power into his oak spirit or his magical abilities.

Clothing and Armor: Wears a light protective clothing under his his armor. His armor is a magical chain-mail armor. its light yet its tougher then it looks.

Weapons: (Despite the color) They are green. the bar looking thing on the back of them are green as well and is energy from his body. the longer is a sword and the other 2 are matching daggers.  ( i know all his weapons match because they were all crafted by him and he put his power and energy into it.) They do have a special ability that will be explained in the history

Likes: Nature, spirit communication, drinking ale, having fun, talking.

Dislikes: Evil nature, corrupt people, dishonesty, and theft.

Merits: Can tell when someone is lying. Great vision. Quick thinking.

Flaws: Jumps to conclusions to fast. over reacts at times. trust issues. over thinks sometimes. can misunderstand people.

Worst Fears: Death, and the possibility of losing his oak spirit powers.

Personality: Noble, kind, passionate, trustful, talkative yet shy, and funny

History: He was born in the forest. He is part of a clan that worships certain spirits one of them being a oak spirit. When Naithar Lasvain was 5 he began developing magical abilities. He could communicate with nature just like his parents and siblings. He has 6 siblings, 4 are female and 2 are male. They were a really close yet big family. When Naithar was 10 he began to talk to a oak spirit. He and the Spirit had a strong bond by the time he was 11. After Naithar turned 16 he was able to summon the spirit in a special forum. there are 2 different forums of the spirit. One is for attacking and the other is for helping, such as healing and blessing. Most of his clan brothers could do all the same as him. He trained in sword fighting and sword crafting and made his 3 blades he has around the age of 20. By then all his power has come in and he was able to use it all the time. Naithar Lasvain practices his sword fighting skills whenever he can along with his oak spirit helping them fight together as one. They communicate through thought and mind. He is also able to talk to all animals. (this is odd but) He can also talk to plants and trees through his spirit.
   When he was 24 years old his clan was raided one summer night by the Dark elves. Evil creatures they are. He and his family were the only ones to survive becaue they had taken a trip to visit friends and other relatives in a different clan a week ago. Naithar Lasvain made an oath to avenge his clan mates. A year later he did so. He had gotten a necklace from his clan leader before he left. The new item allows him to focus and control his power even more into his powers and spirit companion.  

  His swords special abilities are as follows: Energy shot, Allows him to slash in air and it sends a wave heading towards his opponent. Energy glow, His blades lighten if a bright green color and the blades become sharper and it lightens the area up in a cool green color. Shadow walk, it allows him to go invisible and he can sneak behind people. The length of shadow walk is that he can walk up to 150 feet or until he cast a spell or does an attack. The glowing color at the back side of the sword is his energy. His energy flows into the sword and cycles back into him. The brighter the glow the stronger and more powerful the blades are. The energy that cycles back into is the unused energy. If Naithar Lasvain is in a forest his energy regenerates very quickly, due to the energy of the wilderness and spirits. If he is in a cave or town (depending weather its a town that has a lot of living plants etc) it tends to regenerate more slowly. Forest regenerate time is less then 5 minutes. In cave or town can be up to 10 mins to an hour. The rate of energy drain is controlled by the oak spirit and his necklace. The average rate of drain is slow because of practice. Although the drain can increase after 2 hours of constant use. meaning almost adding half of the slow rate. and 4 hours can drain him completely if used for a prolong time and the area. If he is in the forest he has no problem using his blades for the extended amount of time. Note that his energy absorption is passive.  

Back to the history of Naithar Lasvain... His eyes do change from a condition that he was affected with. Its rare to have but people in his clan have had it. It allows him to see better at night yet when his eyes are black or red it can cause people and creature to be scared of him when he means no harm. His chain mail armor was hand crafted by him and his parents. Designed to be lightweight but very durable/strong.

Guess i left out what his family does. If you haven't guessed his family is made of of black smiths and armor smiths. That's why he is able to craft his own weapons and armor. He had became great at it and made a living off of it and it also helped keep him fit and healthy.

  After the blades. After he had made his blades they became the target of interest for a lot of thieves and crooks. These blades were new and special. Hand crafted of certain gems that helped with his power and energy of the forest he was able to make it so his energy flowed into them. The blades could even be wielded by the oak spirit but it prefers the use of branches and other things. Back to the blades. Naithar Lasvain had been nearly killed because people tried to steal what was his. so he secluded himself in a remote area of a forest where he could live and not be bothered. Well apparently the blades had a hidden power that attracted some unwanted guest because of the glow and energy source and so he had to kill most of his attackers to prove that the blades where not going to be handed over just as easily and willingly. It did make a point to people that he did not want to be messed with. People eventually decided to leave Naithar alone. He is no longer sought after for his blades as people know that he is dangerous. Naithar had eventually started to venture out to towns to over come his loneliness. It made him the person he is today.

1.Energy shot, Allows him to slash in air and it sends a wave of energy heading towards his opponent
2.Energy Glow, His blades lightens it's a bright green color and the blades become sharper and it lightens the area up in a cool green color.
3.Shadow walk, it allows him to go invisible and he can sneak behind people. The length of shadow walk is that he can walk up to 150 feet or until he cast a spell or does an attack.
4.Control Oak spirit. the spirit only listens to Naithar Lasvain. Oak spirit and Naithar share the same amount of health. Oak spirit has a weak attack but makes up in defense/protection
5.Speak with nature has the ability to speak with most common plants and some common animals (bear, wolf/dog, snake, and cats) Oak spirit can communicate with other spirits and relay the information gained.
6. Absorb Energy.(Passive) Allows Naithar to absorb energy from his surroundings. Depending on the location he can get more or less. (Forest, meadows, planes, places with living/healthy plants  gains energy quickly 1% of max energy per second, caves, underground, dry, rocky, barren lands absorbs less .75% of  max energy per second)
7.Hungry Earth You slam your weapon against the ground, bringing forth primal energy that causes the earth to batter your foes and churn beneath their feet.
enemies get knocked down and terrain become extreamly rough
8. Wildblood Frenzy, Primal power boils in your blood, and you surge into a frenzy, making two powerful attacks. The attacks deals extra damage (+3) and allows me to make the attack one more time against the same target or a different one.
9. Warden’s Grasp, orders oak spirit and immobilizes enemy as its being held by the oak spirit. Must make a saving throw to be released  
10.Weight of Earth, extra 3 damage and target is slowed
11. (Passive) Energy hold, Holds 200% of energy
13. Energy Flair, From the amulet Naithar can channel energy into it and create a flair to brighten the area, blinding foes, or creates a beacon for allies.
14. Charged Chop, Draw in energy from his surroundings and focuses it to his blades to make a hard hitting attack. (can be used for 2 attacks, depending on the blades drawn. 1 sword=1 charged chop, sword plus dagger/2 daggers = 2 hits of the Charged chop.) Side effect. energy used in the attack can't be recycled by the blades. it's considered "burned energy" Burned energy simply means energy that is made unstable from the blades. With Charged chop the energy is in a physical form on the blade edges, and interacts with other energy thus creating burned energy. Other spells do not create burned energy.
Race Feat.
Elven Precision [Elf]
Prerequisites: Elf, elven accuracy racial power
Benefit: When you use the elven accuracy power,
you gain a +2 bonus to the new attack roll.

Class feat.
Crushing Earthstrength
Prerequisite: Warden, Earthstrength class
Benefit: When you use your second wind, you
gain a bonus to weapon damage rolls equal to your
Constitution modifier until the end of your next turn.

pic of oak spirit

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