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Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved.

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Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved. Empty Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved.

Post by Zeek21 on Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:31 am


Character Name: Vasuman Yathar

Alias/Nickname: Varus

Race/Class: Genasi Swordmage (Firesoul elemental)

Apparent Age: 18 looks 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140 Lbs

Hair Color/Style: Bald. Has energy lines instead of hair. Starting as firesoul flickering flames coming out of the
energy lines on the head. Subject to change when new elemental power is learned. (flames on head do not create a actual fire more of a look then physical)

Eyes: Change color based on personality, and Elemental. Primarily eyes are red

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Energy lines that cover his entire body.

Physical Appearance: Healthy, Well built. Not fat, nor skinny, so around average. Has muscle but nothing like a body builder. just more looks like someone who keeps fit.

Carried Possessions: His families royal ring, Grants him better control of his elemental powers (starting with fire, but helps when others are learned) A Necklaces that has a clear stone, in the center. The stone changes color based on personality and elemental (for when he learns more)

Clothing and Armor: Wears leather armor. No helmet. A light cloth material that was hand crafted by his mother, made resistant to all elementals. (since they sometimes dule other swordmage for fun)

Weapons: A special magical sword. Made to help better control elemental power. Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved. 367f080e756d7997ef966953967efc04

Likes: Sword play, fighting, dueling, nature, freedom. May change based on current personality.

Dislikes: Evil, Darkness, Dark Magic,

Merits: Quick, Quick thinker, Bold, unique fighting style. quick learner.

Flaws: Has multiple personality disorder, Personality can rapidly change based on mood. Is almost never himself.

Worst Fears: Losing control to his other personalities, losing the power of the elemental.

Personality: Depends on the mood and which elemental personality. (unaware of his ability to learn other elemental powers) At one point he can be nice, calm, or scared, then the next he can go into rage and almost have a lust for destruction. Deals with Sever multiple personality disorder.

History: Varus* was born in a town called FayLand, where many Genasi lived. This was a multi-elemental-soul town. Everyone had at least a elemental-soul. Growing up Varus was different form everyone. Varus somehow gotten a disorder that no one knows how or why, or even what it meant. Varus' disorder was that he had multiple personalities. Most Genasi swordmages that have more then one elemental have multiple personalities but Varus' was more complex and sever.  It was unique because his features tended to represent his mood. The energy lines pretty much looked like a mood ring. The odd thing is that it usually shows up when other Genasi have multiple elementals, for Varus he only has one. No one understands why or how it is possible.

Growing up Varus had trouble fitting in with others because his personality changed quickly and no one could really figure him out. At the age of 10, Varus' father sent him to a school to train to become a swordmage, just like his family and blood line. While at the school, everyone was impressed about how Varus fought. His fighting style was different, it was unique. The reason for this is because with his personality that rapidly changed and randomly at times, Varus was unpredictable. Most of the time Varus would attack but if his personality was to change more passive, he would only block, counter, or counter attack, but never fully attack first. This made him unpredictable. The swordmage masters were impressed with how he could fight so well with multiple personalities and virtually thought it was impossible.

During the training Varus learned many spells and powers that focused on his primary elemental soul which is fire. No one ever expected him to be able to learn a new element, not even him. (was more of a foreshadow) Varus graduated the school as a swordmage. Varus was one of the greatest fighters in the towns history accept back when there were many before the war that created the town of FayLand.

Varus' father was proud of his son and gave him the family elemental . They have been in his family blood line since it began. These were a special set of blades. These blades amplified elemental power. Varus was happy and grateful for the gifts. He practiced every day to get even stronger and better, developing new techniques in fighting style.

Class specific- Aegis of Ensnaremen- Teleport the offender into a space adjacent to you and punish them with status effects.

Spell list.
1.Fox's Feint -Your blade dances faster than the eye can follow, guiding your foe's movement as you attack. Intelligence check. (1 time per encounter)
2.Ghost Step- Like a ghost, you glide unharmed through the battlefield. (1 time per encounter)
3. Greenflame Blade (Passive)- each blow ignites your blade in deadly green fire. (3 times) (passive is weak and not lethal) but if the spell is casted as willed then it is stronger and lethal.
4.Flame Cyclone- Fire elemental power swirls around your blade and outward toward your enemies, engulfing them in an inferno. 6ft 1ft explosion(2 times)
5.Burning Blade- Your fiery blade lunges toward your enemy, and its arcane warmth seeks to flare again in the wounds of your foes (4 times)
6.Whirling Blade- You spin and suddenly hurl your sword. Your blade spins in the air, seeking an enemy to slash with mortal determination. (unlimited but must have sword)
7. Foesnare- You cut into your foe, and links of solid fire elemental energy burst from its flesh, binding its bones to the ground. (1 time per day)
8.Flame shot- Conjures a lame along the blades. Making a slash motion towards an opponent will send the cutting flame in their direction. (3 times)
9.Flame blade- Creates a flame engulfing the the sword(s) in flames that when hitting an opponent it catches them on fire. (3 times each time used flame is weaker)
10.Sword Burst-A sweep of your sword blasts those around you with force. Has chance of spurting flames from the burst. .5% chance. (2 times)
11.Flame Charge Conjurers a fire along the  blade and is able to shoot the flames at an opponent(s) only able to shoot 2 targets per charge. (2 times per shot. meaning the  blade gets 2 shots per use.)
12. teleportation (fire)- engulfs you or you and an ally in a protective flame as you get teleported from one area to another. Protective flame is present when your reappear. (2 times)
13. Fire protection- Creates a fire shield around you or an ally, that blocks attacks. (1 time)
14. Inferno- You slam your blade/blades into the ground creating a eruption for flames from the ground that rush towards your opponent. (1 time)

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Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved. Zeek%20Skyrim
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Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved. Empty Re: Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved.

Post by Dresden on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:06 pm


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Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved. Empty Re: Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved.

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Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved. Empty Re: Vasuman Yathar. (Varus) Approved.

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