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**RPG Rules**

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**RPG Rules** Empty **RPG Rules**

Post by Zeek21 on Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:31 pm

Please be sure to read our rules of Forum RPG

• Main Rules
1. Please follow the main rules of the forums.
2. Make sure your post are appropriate.

• RPG Main Rules
1. If you start a new RP and you post once you must let the others post as well before post again to be fair to everyone else in the RP.
2. If you are waiting on someone to post and he/she hasn't posted for quite some time now you can ask a staff member if you can skip that person and go on and post.
3. You can not join an RP if it has already started unless you get permission from the creator of that RP or a staff member.

• RPG Weapon Rules
1. Any created weapons must be approved by Admins or mods.
2. Must be reasonable enough.
3. No overpowering weapons (Ex: saying your gun can destroy anything and can’t be destroyed).
4. If you choose to make a weapon DO NOT make it so only you can use the weapon, unless you have our permission. However, we allow the weapon to be class or race specific.

• Character Rules
1. Cannot be God (meaning you cannot be invincible).
2. Cannot change your race in the middle of an RPG unless your character dies.
3. Cannot change class in the middle of the RPG unless a special event happens in the RPG that allows you to decide if you want to choose a new class.
4. No “Meta-Gaming.” This is to be fair to all players. Also so people can’t gain advantages over others. This is metagaming
5. Once you post your character information will be locked. You can not go back and change it without permission. We will have a record
6. For the time being please keep all characters as Good People until we can come up with a logical PvP. You are allowed to have brawls while in RPs but not to the death. However in the sparring section you may fight to the death without it affecting RP but the same rules apply

• Fighting Rules
1. If you make an attack, describe in depth what you want the attack to do.
2. Roll the 100 sided dice to find attach your number in the post.
3. An RPG Admin will roll another dice and compare
4. They will then PM the other party to let them know how to reply to the post
5. Certain attacks will gain bonuses. A Mage's fire on a treant would get a bonus because of elements.
6. Anyone caught replying without the Admin's PM will have their post deleted and the attacker will deal whatever damage they had originally planned.
7. Rules for sparring are slightly different
8. Any magic you plan on using whether in Sparring or RP must be sent to either Dresden OR Zeek21 with a list of possibilities. Fore example. You want to use wind to move a boulder. The dice is 6 sided. So for 1 the boulder doesn't even move. 2 and 3 the boulder trembles slightly. 4 and 5 the boulder moves enough for your party to get through the path. 6 the boulder is moved to wherever you have planned for it.

• Rights to the Admins and Moderators of the RPG Games
1. Admins and Moderators reserve the right to change your post if they see something that does not follow our rules.
2. Admins and Moderators will be fair and change only what needs to be changed.

• What you should do if you suspect someone of not following the rules?
1. If you suspect someone is breaking any of our rules you can PM one of the Admins, Moderators, or even the owner.

Thanks for reading,
-Owner, Administration, and Moderators-

**RPG Rules** Zeek%20Skyrim
**RPG Rules** Zeek-Mordekaiser
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