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Post by Zeek21 on Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:26 pm

RPG: The Prophecy of Destruction, Adventure Into the Future! Zombie Apocalypse!

Character Name: Zeek

Alias/Nickname: The unseen one, the night stalker

Race: human race

Apparent Age: my character appears to be 17 and is 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 149

Hair Color/Style: Short trimmed brown hair

Eyes: Brown

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Tattoo of a Ranger symbol, Looks like an oak leaf

Physical Appearance: Healthy skinny person who has a slight muscular build form the use of his long bow, various throwing knives and his saxe knife.

Carried Possessions: Long Bow, various throwing knives, and a saxe knife, 2 water skins, and some food, a neckless that shows hes a full ranger. A Mandola when he goes on long missions

Clothing and Armor: the basic clothing that allows camouflage,  along with a nice alternating green cloak that allows me to blend in with my surroundings

Weapons: Heavy saxe knife, its more of a blade of defense as rangers like to use bows, various throwing knives that allows for a 2 sword defense, A long Bow with a quiver of 2 dozen arrows

Likes: Coffee, Tracking, Hunting, Nature

Dislikes: rudeness, abusive, and self centered people, and people who stare a lot

Merits: Good at stealth, Tracking, Hunting, Navigating, and a quick thinker, good climber, light on his feet and quick,

Flaws: Fear of failing, has a small problem of being under pressure, fear of miscalculations in judgement, obsession with coffee The time it takes for his eyes to adjust in the darkness

Worst Fears:Mostly Failing the ones hes with, and loosing his beloved ranger horse.

Personality: Friendly but shy, Can be skeptic around people he doesn't know, Can be a bit temperamental depending on the situation

History: Nothing is really known about Zeek, accept that he was an orphan who lost his parents during a massive war against an evil vile group called the Tartash. He remembers nothing of his parents and seeks to find out more about his past. the only know thing about him is his name. No one knows his last name. He grew up in a small kingdom town called Red Night, he was trained with a famous ranger that led to the defeat for the Tartash. Ever since Zeek was 15 and now 17 he has learned a lot and has become a full ranger and has moved onto a town he watches over called, Rantar, its a small town that is mostly peaceful but has its trouble makers. Ever since he went to the small town of Rantar he has became a master archer, a great tracker and follower, and is quite quick. Zeek also practiced playing the Mandola and became quite good at it.

Mount: (needed for my character) small barrel shaped horse that is quick and can run for a full day if needed and and can only be ridden if they know the code word for the horse. If you try to mount without saying the code word you will be bucked off, the horse is trained to know commands and warns anyone who knows how the horse acts. the horse is very shaggy and looks like a pack horse. The horses are small and well trained

The horse's name is Dark Shadow

1.Riposte Strike, Melee weapon, +2 to attack rolls
2.Blinding Barrage, Ranged or melee, Target: Each enemy in blast you can see damage, +2 to attack and the target is
3.Careful Attack, Ranged or melee, Target one enemy, +2 to attack/damage
4.Quick Fingers, You can pilfer a coin pouch in the blink of an eye.
5.Stalking Strike You strike quickly and then disappear,leaving your foe searching for the source of the attack.
Bow special.
6.Blood bow: Uses most of Zeek's strength. "unknown effect" Zeeks next attack is weakened
1. Action Surge [Human]
Prerequisite: Human
Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus to attack rolls you
make during any action you gained by spending an
action point.

2. Dirty Fighting, rogue, +4 to melee damage against surprised enemies

Zeek (Approved) Rauri_1

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Post by Dresden on Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:31 pm


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Post by GiantStorm on Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:31 pm


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