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Great Show!

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Great Show!

Post by GiantStorm on Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:20 pm

I completely love this anime. I'm currently watching the manga with 355 chapters with me only being on around 148th chapter. Negi Springfield is very reliable, polite, smart, courageous, and powerful young man. He even became a teacher for teenagers when he is barely under 10 years old. Though he does cause trouble where ever he goes, he usually can fix them and even more. My 2nd favorite character would probably be Evangeline. She is one psycho vampire 10 year old girl, but since she is a vampire she just appears to be 10 she's actually lived 100's of years. Over her many years of being along she becomes evil and very powerful even more powerful then negi... for now. But no body was ever stronger then Nagi Springfield. Eva-chan makes this show 2x as funny and thrilling.

In all I give this anime a 10 , because its super fun to watch!



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