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Great New Role-Playing Game for Wii!

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Great New Role-Playing Game for Wii! Empty Great New Role-Playing Game for Wii!

Post by GiantStorm on Sat May 05, 2012 4:32 pm

Alright so I was on youtube right, searching for some funny videos because I had nothing else to do. I find a good video I click it and what do you know an AD pops up before the video starts. I got a little mad and accidentally clicked the add taking me to the website of that ad. It turns out to be a new game for the wii. The game is called, XenoBlade Chronicles! This game looks amazing! I want it so bad now from watching a video of it. The graphics are pretty great. The only 2 things i saw were bad about the game is that the people in the game, when they speak it doesn't look like their saying what their saying from the way there mouth is moving. Also the jumping graphics are awful. You jump without moving, your in the air when your in the air from that jump you can move any direction you want. It's like your sliding on the air. Other than that it's AMAZING! I'll supply a video for you to check out below.


Hope you like it!


Great New Role-Playing Game for Wii! VFZKU

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