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Post by Dresden on Thu May 10, 2012 1:47 pm

Okay, we are going to start betting. How it works is as follows.
Stakes will be used by taking the amount of victories vs. the victories of the other person.
So if I have won 7 and Zeek has won 14 then the ratio would be 7:14 or 1:2.
Anyone who would bet on me would then get twice the amount of money then if they bet on Zeek because he has a better ratio. If someone is battling another person who has never battled the stakes are 1:1 by default.

If you bet and lose the gold will be taken off your account and given to the winner of the match. If you bet and win the money will be given from the site and no one will lose money except the losers.

Bets are now open. And must be placed before the spar starts

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Betting SoT-small

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