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Post by Wolgore Wildrunner on Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:41 am

Character Name: Wolgore / Wolgore Wildrunner

Alias/Nickname: Wolf

Race/Class: Anthromorphic Wolf

Apparent Age: When I made the character, I wanted him to be like me. So, around 18 years old.

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 00"

Weight: 180 lbs. He has more a "husky" belly. (On the verge of chubby and normal.)

Hair Color/Style: His hair color is blackish gray with some white spots on his belly, head and tail. In his Twilight Form, his fur becomes all black with his markings glowing in a yellowish glow.

Eyes: His eye color is normally blue. But when he is in his Twilight Form, they become yellow and glow.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: He has markings under his eye, on the side of him on both sides and on his forhead. This markings glow when he is in his Twilight Form. Also, in his Twilight Form, the markings glow different colors depending on mood. Yellow for passive (normal), Red for agressive (violent), and Blue for good (helping others).

Physical Appearance: Slightly chubby, but is able to do everything like a warrior should. The girls like him despite of his physical apperiance, but he mostly likes the guys. His arms are the most muscular part of him, since he weilds sword the most, of course...

Carried Possessions: There are a few items he carries around with him on his journey,,, One of them is a a sky blue bead with a red swirl in the middle of it. He found it lying on the ground as he was first starting his quest. As he picked it up, a strange, young female voice went through his head telling him to keep it close to his heart. It also said that 99 other beads remain in the world and he must find them. After he found them all, he can visit the girl who was speaking through the bead. The second thing with him is a chip of armor from a violent, bloody battle. The armor piece was from a Twilight Wolf known as, Twilight, the leader of the Twilight Realm. ( Sounds cheezy, I know. XD ) When Wolgore was about to do the final blow, Twilight's final words were, " Even if you finish me here, as long as you remain in the world, I WILL return..." So no matter if he kills him or not, he will come back and cause trouble again. He keeps the armor piece as a battle charm. The third thing is the fang of his father. He lost his father in a pack war. The situation was horrible. Let them take his son, Wolgore, or fight to the death by one of their best wolves. He lost in result of the battle and Wolgore was left in the wilderness. The only thing that reminded of his father was his fang. Rumors have it that his father was revived from the dead as a Twilight Wolf. Not even Wolgore knows of it. The last thing he has is flower from his first mate. Before he set out on his journey, his mate gave him the flower that he first gave as a "engagement" gift. They loved eachother more than anyone else. Their love was stronger than Wolgore's parents' love. For two years, Wolgore still hasn't had the chance to visit him again. He fears that his mate already found another mate. But his hopes arn't crushed yet.

Clothing and Armor: Anthromorphic - He has plate shoulders of his parents' skulls on them. By the looks of them they look like they are howling. He obtained the shoulders by sneaking into a high secure area within the dense forests of Shi-Nye. He saw them sitting on a podium in a dark room. The skulls glowed in a faint blue color and the spirits within said, "Wear us Wolgore... We will protect you..." He took them and rushed out of Shi-Nye and continued his journey. The only things he has on is his dark blue shirt with a howling wolf in the background. It symbolises his past and his parents when he wears his shoulder plates.
Feral – Nothing special clothing or armor. Just “naked”.

Weapons: There are a whole bunch of weapon Wolgore has. Note that NO weapons have GODLY powers. I will tell of the history of the weapon, but the weapons now have NO GOD POWERS. Wolgore wields two-handed swords, bows/other ranged weapons, and shields. The first weapon Wolgore got from the goddess of the sun was the Tsunagi blade passed down from generations. The blade wielded a magical power of summoning. In a great battle with a powerful beast, the goddess of the sun used the blade’s power and summoned indestructible chains to hold it down. But 100’s of years passed and the blade lost its power and was sent to Earth. Another weapon gave to him as well was Burning Ember. This legendary blade was told in myths as the blade of hell. The goddess of the sun got this blade from defeating a terrifying inferno beast. The blade had the ability to incinerate anything that got in its way. It also had the ability to summon huge fire storms. Again, the power of the blade was too much and it went back to its normal self. The third of his blades is called Thunder Edge (name credited to Okami). The goddess of the sun got this blade by going back in time and stopping a major event. The event was catastrophic. A great beast was resurrected by some evil time travelers and it shook the present time. The goddess managed to get herself in that time and to stop the beast. When the beast was destroyed, a huge lightning bolt struck its body, leaving the sword in its throat. The goddess obtained the blade and went on her journey. The last blade of his is called Starshatter. The name of the blade says it all. It had the power to shatter stars or other huge objects that got in the goddesses way. She used this blade to destroy an moon sized iron ball of demonic energy before it crashed into Earth. Once she destroyed it, she was able to get back to her homeland in the mountains. One day up in the mountains, the blade fell and tumbled down without her knowing. With all the bumps and crashes, the blade lost its powers and sharpness, unable to be fixed again. Until Wolgore fixes it, its sharpness atleast, it is his weakest weapon. Enough of the blades, now it is time to describe his ranged weapons. He only has two of them. His first ranged weapon is called Star Spark. In his anthro form, he created this weapon. It took a large amount of materials like Lynazium (a type of metal used to create a strong, flexible bow), Heart of the Lightning (material from lightning that hits a certain kind of rock), and Mynazium wheels (used to help pull the string of the bow). Each of these materials create an electrical spark. It charges each arrow with it and stuns the foe. At this time, the bow never had a name. But a few days after he created the bow, he found a star shard. It had a orange-red cloud of smoke in it. The second he touched the shard, it shocked him. He then had the random idea of putting the shard with his bow to make it more powerful. He went back to him house and found a way to engrave the shard into his weapon. He succeeded and he called the bow Star Spark. The second ranged weapon he has is more of a whip. Again, he created this one, but it wasn’t a electric weapon. It was a ice type of weapon. One day as he was traveling through the land, he stopped by an old wolf’s house and he told of a whip that could freeze the wielders enemies. Wolgore found interest in this and he asked where he could find it. The wolf then described an underground cave, more like another region, covered in ice. He also said that it was protected by strong, arctic wolves. Wolgore didn’t show fear and accepted the quest. The old wolf took out a recipe that had the materials for the weapon. Wolgore needed to get 40 bars of Frozanium. (Highly common within the cave region) It takes 2 bars to make one “orb” for the weapon, having a total of 20 orbs. Then he needed to get 10 Frozen Silk from the spiders. And one Orb of Frost from the chief of the wolves. Aagin, Wolgore still accepted this quest and headed out in the direction of the mountians. He got the materials luckily and returned to the old wolf for the weapon. The old wolf made the weapon rather quick and gave it to Wolgore. He said again that it had the power to freeze enemies in their place and to also cage you in ice for a short time, giving immunity to damage. Wolgore gladly took the weapon and he set off on his journey once more. He only has one shield. It was sent from the goddess of the sun after he was terribly hurt in battle.. Once he picked up the shield, it began to surround him in fire, burning enemies around him. It also pushed them back a few feet.

Likes: Dogs, Cats, Nature, Fighting, Boys, Video Games (Yes… Video Games. =P), Rain, Storms (Only during the day), Pop/Soda, Flying, Eating and Education (Yes, I am a nerd. =P)

Dislikes: Tornados, Girls, Storms (At night), Being alone, Discrimination (Serious about this one), Humans and Children.

Merits: Don’t get on his bad side and you won’t feel the wraith of Wolgore. Mention anything about girls makes him uncomfortable. Feels that when he does something with a group, like a raid, he suspects to get something out of it, no matter what it is.

Flaws: If you get on his bad side, he will result to the matter with violence. He will try to leave a conversation if you mention anything about girls or he will just ignore. If he doesn’t get anything of any sort while doing anything with a raid, he will be pissed and might go solo.

Worst Fears: His worst fears are girls, “pups”, loneliness, discrimination, loosing, and embarrassment. Also, hights.

Personality: At the moment he is a lone wolf. He loves to go solo on anything to show that he is strong and he wants to be accepted in huge tasks. Saying no or anything else offensive will depress him quickly. He will think that he’s not good enough and he will go on more dangerous quests. Socially, he is closed about ideas and will go with almost anything. He is single at the moment and looking, (RP wise… >.> Maybe rl too. XD). If he found the perfect person, he will become more self-confident and will be easy to be with. He spends most of his time thinking about things. Things like quests, life, and his future. Where will he be in five years? Where will he be in 10? He also loves Architecture. (Yes, I play Minecraft too.) He built his two-story, brick house by himself and it is one of the most sturdiest houses in the neighborhood he lives in. He’s known for his kindliness. He will help someone pay for food, rent and even loans.

History: Long ago in a distant land, filled with tress, Wolgore was born. Wolgore was destined to be a warrior for his tribe of wolves known as the Black Fangs. His clan had the duty to protect their forest of Shi-Nye (also is where Wolgore got his shoulders). But it wasn’t all peace and quiet when Wolgore was born. He was born in the middle of a huge war between the Red Furs or also called the Blood Wolves. His parents, Twilight and Midnight Moon, had no rest for weeks on end from the war. There were some close calls, when a few blood wolves would run into the den and try to kill Wolgore. But Twilight fended them off and protected Wolgore. But a few days later of doing this, Twilight was extremely weak and tired and he was murdered when he chose not to give up Wolgore. Midnight Moon got scared and ran away without Wolgore. But they ended up killing her too and leaving Wolgore out to die by nature. A few days passed and Wolgore was close to dying. Luckily, a few other wolves with grey fur took Wolgore to their tribe and they gave him food, water and shelter. Years passed and he was taught how to fight like a true warrior and how to survive on his own. He was tested for a week to see if he could survive by himself. He passed and he was allowed, by the chief of the tribe, to go on his own. Wolgore at that time was 13 in human age. Later that same night that he passed his survival test, he celebrated with the tribe. He ate the top delicacy, buffalo. He only had milk from his mother and some meat from when the other tribe. But everything wasn’t happy forever. They also told Wolgore their secret that they kept from him for years. They said to him, “We are another type of blood wolf. We just have different types of fur colors.” Wolgore jumped back and snarled. They laughed and smiled, “We trained you to do one thing Wolgore..” “To become one of you to murder?” Wolgore shouted, interrupting the talking wolf. “No…” He replied, “We need you to stop us… We are against our plans.” After hours of explaining their story and secret, Wolgore decided to help them with their problem.

When the sun came up at the crack of dawn, Wolgore was woken by a wolf who was in panic. The wolf pointed outside and said that the tribe was being attacked. Wolgore jumped right out of his bed and went to help the tribe. It was the red furred wolves again. Wolgore thought to himself on why their own kind would attack the tribe. But before he could do anything, a blood wolf jumped from the top of a tree and landed on Wolgore, trapping him. He was brought to the leader for a quick talk. Their leader was named Chu-Tun. Chu-Tun stepped down from his rock and ordered Wolgore to stand up. He stood up. Then, he was led to a room in Chu-Tun’s den. They talked for several hours. Each passing minute brought Wolgore closer to him. Chu-Tun described that he could bring wolves from the dead. Wolgore’s face lit up and said how could he do that. He said, “If you join us Wolgore, I will bring your parents back from the dead. Would that make you feel better?” Wolgore stayed silent and thought to himself on the deal. But Wolgore answered no to the deal and said, “Instead of joining the sick, twisted pack of the Blood Wolves, I will kill all of you. Every. Single. One.” Chu-Tun laughed and pinned Wolgore hard to the ground, ‘If you think you can win against me and my immortal pack? Try it. We will give you a swift clean death.” Wolgore was then escorted out of the leader’s den. Everyone was happy that Wolgore made it out alive, but Wolgore wasn’t. He described to them that he was challenged to defeat the blood wolves for good. With about 100 blood wolves on Wolgore? That sounds like suicide, but he wanted to end their existence for good.

The next morning, he began his raid, he got through the first line of wolves well, but more and more came. With swift and powerful attacks, he managed to get to Chu-Tun. He was meditating on his rock and said, “Well, who do we have here? Wolgore is it?” He got down from his rock and chuckled, “You seem to have proven yourself. You are stronger than 100 blood wolves.” Wolgore snarled and took a powerful swing at Chu-Tun’s flank. Chu-Tun dodged and took out a huge blade of blood. “I see… You don’t want to chat. You want to fight.” Wolgore took another chance and swung again, getting some of Chu-Tun’s flank. Chu-Tun got pissed and started to fight back aggressively, splattering blood everywhere after every swing. The battle raged for hours until Chu-Tun fell. Wolgore finally achieved his goal and he howled.

He came out of the den and went back to the tribe. They were barking, howling and yipping happily when he returned. That night, Wolgore was made into a alpha male, instead of being a omega or pup. But he denied it in a honorable way. He said that he was going to travel this land, far and wide. The tribe understood and gave him a rare, gold bone instead. As the tribe leader, Ty-mun, came up to him, he said, “Keep this bone at all time. Not only does it mark you as an alpha male, it is also our most precious heirloom of our tribe. It will bring good luck and fortune to the one who holds it.” Wolgore gladly accepted it and began to walk out to the sunset. He turned back and said, “I will be coming back one day. And when I come back, it’s going to be when my destiny is done.” He walked again and it began his journey.

Two years passed since his victory over the Blood Wolves. He has grown stronger since then and he has saved many lives and tribes. But there was one life that he couldn’t save, but to join. It was the goddess of the sun, Ammy. Ammy is a white wolf with some strange red markings. Wolgore traveled so far that he reached the land of another foreign country. It was very mountainous and trees had white and pink leaves. They almost felt like rose peddles. Ammy was sitting beside one of the trees when Wolgore swam across to the land. She jumped down from the tall mountains to examine the wolf and she started to wag her tail. She was friendly and she welcomed him with a lick on the nose. Wolgore blushed, but looked away with a growl, letting her know that he didn’t like it. Ammy didn’t care and she continued to flirt. But aside from the lovey dovey stuff, the wolves got down to business. Ammy described of an evil lurking her land. A ghostly, dark evil. Wolgore wanted to know more, but she wanted him to figure it out for himself. And the only way for him to do that was to give her a kiss. Again, Wolgore wasn’t going to do it. She spat on Wolgore’s paw and walked off. He growled as he turned around, but she wasn’t there. Now was the start of this adventure.

He searched everywhere he could. Caves, houses, fields and trees. He couldn’t find her. She was the only one he knew and he needed help. After a few more hours of looking, he finally found her laying on a lily pad. He dove into the water and swam over to her. She slowly woke up with a growl and looked at him. He begged for her to help him, but she looked away with anger. He gave her a kiss on her muzzle and whimpered. Like she wanted, she got her kiss and she will help him now. She led him to a shrine on a huge island and told him a story of a hero 100 years ago who stopped the darkness from devouring the world. Then she said that it was released not too long ago. Wolgore told her what happened when he was a pup, She responded with a small growl and told him that the darkness he faced was the darkness here. She pointed with her paw to a small cave with a dark aura coming out of it and said the darkness lies in there. Wolgore started for the cave and Ammy followed behind him.

Inside was huge hoard of demons. They looked like monkey/wolf things. They were chanting some kind of spell that released more and more dark spirits out of a fire. Ammy charged in and stopped the spell and killed them before any more spirits were summoned. But the spirits didn’t find bodies just yet. They loamed above her, ready to take over the demons she just killed. She tried to strike them but the darkness surrounding them was too strong. The spirits ended up taking over the bodies and rising again, but twice as powerful with huge, two handed swords. Ammy jumped back and growled as the demons formed around her. Wolgore stood ready to fight with his fangs ready. Ammy gave Wolgore her Thunder Edge. They both wielded their weapons with skill and strength and fended off the demons, purifying the cave with holy powers. But as the cave was filling with the holy power, a demon swooped out of nowhere and took him away. Ammy tried to stop it but she was inches short. The demon took Wolgore away, never seeing the new land again. (I know it was short, but I didn’t want to go into complete detail. X’D)

As Wolgore was knocked for about four years (He was 14 when he was captured), he awoke in a small house in another world. He felt stranger than normal. When he took a good look at himself, he appeared to be an anthromorphic wolf. Then, a human with a long, white robe came into the room and checked up on him. Through instinct, he snarled and barked. The human jumped back and summoned a shield around him. He said, “Don’t worry worgen, you will be just fine.” Wolgore seemed really confused and he growled more. The priest put his hands together in a weird way and chanted a holy spell quietly. Wolgore could feel the holy magic running through his body as the priest chanted more. He suddenly went from in pain to cured in a matter of seconds. The priest bowed and walked out of the room. He said, “You are cured now. You are free to go about as you will.” Wolgore spoke without knowing it, “Thank you, priest.” Wolgore got out of his bed and walked outside, seeing himself in a midevil city. There were a mixture of races walking and running around about. But he wasn’t the only worgen. The only thing that was different was that they looked like different wolves. “This new world is going to be difficult to live in…” Wolgore thought to himself when a human in bright plate gear walked up to him, “Hey there worgen!” Wolgore replied in confusion. Then the human told him to follow him. He followed the human until they came to a small house near a pond. Then the human opened a closet and handed him a tabard of his guild. “Please put this on.” Wolgore took the tabard and he put it on. “This shows that you are a part of a guild. So, you are a member of the Strong Heart guild.” Wolgore smled and bowed in thanks. The human took out a piece of small paper and wrote down something on it. He folded the paper and gave it to Wolgore, “This is your mission. Don’t fail me.” Wolgore unfolded the note and it was mission to “Wake Up”

He woke up and found himself in a den with a wolf standing beside him. The wolf sighed and smiled, “Finally you’re awake! I thought you would never wake up.” Wolgore shook his head and looked around. “Don’t worry” the wolf said, “You are safe in here.” Then a huge wolf came running into the room and the wolf bit it’s neck in the right place and the wolf died. “Sorry. I can’t really be 100 percent sure yyou will be safe.” Wolgore tried to speak, “What’s going on?” “There is a huge between us and the Twilight wolves.” “Why are you guys fighting?” “Resources, territory but most importantly dominancy. Right now we aren’t looking good.” Another wolf came running through the den again and he swiped the wolf against the wall, making Wolgore vulnerable to attacks. The wolf got up quickly and killed the wolf on it’s neck. “Geeze, we will be having a feast today,” The wolf laughed, “By the way, my name is Yufk.” “Nice to meet you Yufk. My name is Wolgore.” “I’m the clan leader in my pack, I have about a hundred wolves out there fighting. And you will be the hundred first.” “What???” Wolgore yipped. “Sorry Wolgore, but if you want to survive, you got to do what the other omegas do.” “But I was the alpha in my clan a long time ago.” Yufk sat there, not knowing what to say.

Many weeks passed and the clan knew where all the Twilight wolves were coming from. Wolgore, now a alpha in the clan, was chosen to go stop the war. They were located on a mountain top in the north. So, Wolgore traveled north until he got to the mountain. It was heavily guarded and he had to go through a lot of wolves to get to the leader. After hours of fighting countless wolves, he finally got to the top. The Twilight wolf who was behind this ordeal was none other than Twilight, one of Wolgore’s enemies he met through his journey. But the one thing Twilight said before they fought was, “Wolgore Wildrunner… I.,. Am your father.” (Star Wars, I know. XD) Wolgore yipped and backed away slowly, but still was eager to fight him.

After they fought and Wolgore emerged victorious, Wolgore went back to the clan and told him of his success. Everyone howled and barked happily. But the sad thing is that he couldn’t stay with them. Then a mysterious wolf summoned a portal to another world, saying that it will be safe for him. He waved as he went through the portal to another strange world.

(CURRENT) Wolgore woke up in the middle of a battle sceen, like in his dream, as an anthromorphic wolf. But this was the real deal. On his back was the heavy weapon of Thunder Edge. (It wasn’t with him in the previous world Wolgore was in) He took a grip on the sword and held it in front of him. Surprised, the sword lost its power. Then, a huge green, buff humanoid tried to slice Wolgore in half his axe. Instinctivly, Wolgore parried the strike and sliced at the green humanoid. It got him right in the heart and he died. He took cover in a house where there were injured humans and elves resting. They didn’t see fear in Wolgore and they laid there more. Then, a priest tapped his shoulder lightly and he turned around with a snarl, “Easy there worgen. I’m a human priest.” Wolgore thought, “A human priest? Like in my dream?” He continued on, “I saw you kill that orc. That was really good weapon handling warrior.” Wolgore got a slight blush, “Thank you.” “Now” he said suddenly, “Use this hearth stone. It will teleport you to the human city of Stormwind.” Wolgore took the stone and held it up in the air, instantly teleporting him. He was teleported to a room that seemed to be upstairs. The inn keeper walked in and handed him a note, almost like it was planned before hand. “Take this note and read it, please?” “I will.” Wolgore said, “Thank you.” He read the note and it said to go outside Stormwind. He closed the note and ran downstairs and out the door. Right when he got out to the city, he was lost instantly. He asked a guard for directions and they pointed south east. He ran in his direction and got to the gates with luck. There, he found a spirit that almost looked like Ammys back on is first adventure. He followed it and it led him to a chest engraved with a holy symbol and power. The spirit opened the chest and it was a tracking device of some kind. It told him to go to an abandoned shrine. After a few hours of searching for the shrine, he found a faint light in it. Inside, it was the weapons called Tsunagi, Burning Ember and Starshatter. The spirit said, “These weapons are for you now hun. I want you to cleanse this world with its evil. I know these weapons lost their power but you can recover it.” The spirit started to fade away slowly, “Don’t fail me Wolgore. I will be watching over you…” Wolgore was now set with a destiny, to cleanse the world and others of their evil and to restore the weapons power. But it will take a long time to do, but he has the confidence to do so.

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Accepted... Your character is approved one more and you can join

You can have up to 14 level 1 spells

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