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Forum Rules!

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Forum Rules! Empty Forum Rules!

Post by GiantStorm on Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:19 am

The Forum Rules will be below in a list. You must abide by them or you will be Banned.

Forum Rules:

* Don't spam or post off-topic replies.
* Don't double post.
* Don't flame other users.
* Don't impersonate other users.
* Don't post with one-word replies.
* Don't register multiple forum accounts.
* Do NOT disrespect any member of Administration OR Staff.
* Do NOT impersonate or attempt to do the job of the Administration.
* Follow any instructions as given by the Administration OR Staff.
* Do NOT offend any members of the Administration OR Staff.
* Do NOT swear excessively or use any sort of profanity.
* Do NOT spam the chat.
* If you have some sort of issue, contact a member of Adminisrtration OR Staff, not any other member.
* Do NOT post inappropriate pictures.
* Do NOT post raciest pictures or comments.
* Make sure the images that you post do NOT have anything profane.
* Do NOT discuss disciplinary actions with other members, or ask about them.
* Do NOT give someone a Reputation Point without a good reason.


Forum Rules! VFZKU

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