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Arashi Takeda (Approved)

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Arashi Takeda (Approved) Empty Arashi Takeda (Approved)

Post by GiantStorm on Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:26 pm

RPG: The Prophecy of Destruction

Class: Samurai Warrior

Character Name: Arashi Takeda

Alias/Nickname: Arashi

Race: Mixed Race (Half-Demon)

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: 200

Hair Color/Style: Black, long, tie in the back, front hair almost covers eyes.

Eyes: Blue, Red when fighting.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: A scar on the left cheek from a fight with bar scandels 1 year back. In the shape of an X with one line of the X being longer then the other. And also he has a symbol on his forearm to indicate he's half demon. (Symbol)

Physical Appearance: Muscular, but doesn't show it. No beard or mastache. Horns on the top of his head. VERY hansome man! And is in good health.

Carried Possessions: Always carries around a weapon he named Hinotama, or Falling Star in english, a very powerful katana. Also carries with him, 40gold pieces, bandaging, energy pills (with nasty side affects), and a very special necklace that was given to him by his mother right before she passed away, her last dieing words were that this necklace is very special and it will protect you in your time of need. And from that day on he has never taken it off.

Clothing and Armor: He wears a black kimono with a black umanori hakama (legs) with a dark gray obi (belt), and has a pair of zori (sandals), with a pair of black tabi (ankle socks). He also has a black cloak that he usually wears to hide his appearance.  The edges of the kimono are dark gray. Everything he is wearing at the time uses Arashi's dark power to repair themselves and to indirectly protect him from danger.

Weapons: The only weapon he possesses is his Katana, Hinotama. This sword was hand forged and crafted with magic enchanting hammer. Given to Arashi by his Demon King dad to suppress his demonic powers into the katana. Whenever a someone or something thinks or trys to harm Arashi or his loved ones in anyway the katana starts glowing red if that someone or something is within 30yards of him. If it is close then it glows bright red; If it is far away then it glows dark red. This is to help him spot his enemies if he can't sense them around him. Whenever this occurs the blade is 2x as sharp so it can cut through things much easier and his senses are enhanced 10 fold. Also his eyes turn red along with his sword. And because his eyes glow red too his speed and reflexes increase by 2x. Though his stamina takes a toll on him for everytime he uses his swiftness. Also he becomes more angry every minute his eyes are glowing red. And the more angry he gets the stronger he gets, but also he is less accurate. On the upside he can control when his eyes glow red but not when his sword glows red. His eyes glow whenever he wants the extra power but when his sword isn't glowing anymore his side effects of using his eyes kick in.

Likes: Swords, Nature, Ramen, Animals.

Dislikes: Killing the Innocent, Weaklings, Veggies.

Merits: He likes to help people as much as needed. He can chat for hours about anything as long as you keep asking him questions. He has a, not too deep but, deep voice. He is a Master swordman. He has very good reflexes and is quick on his feet. Also is a trustworthy person.

Flaws: He doesn't like people that kill for fun. He only chats when you start talking. His voice intimidates people to pick fights. Can't fight ranged when concentrating on someone else.

Worst Fears: He is affraid of losing a loved one again, so he trys not to make too many friends. He is also affraid of spiders, if one would happen to crawl on him he would start flipping out.

Personality: He is friendly only when in a good mood. He is very cruel when provoked. He believes that as long as no one messes with me, he won't bother to mess with them. He dislikes many people but accationally he would find someone to hang out with and to spar with. He is someone you can always trust unless it's chores or something minor. He's an all around good person when calm. Doesn't like to talk unless talked to. Also gets angry pretty easy.

History:A long time ago Arashi's mom was in love with a demon named Astaroth Takeda. And they got married. Drawn by a haughting voice they both come to the ElfSong Tavern, it is a small place. Filled with a mottly assortment of patrons, and grizzly trophies. There the haughting voice is all around you and the patrons are silent as the song washes over them, one by one they all seemed lost in its call. The two made love here and also their baby was born in this tavern. They named their little baby boy, Arashi Takeda. Arashi, around the age of 12, started to gain some unbelievable demonic power. This power makes him go out of control with rage and gave him more power with every increase in anger. So in order to suppress this power his dad forged a magically katana, using a magic enchanting hammer. Now all Arashi has to do is carry around the katana where ever he goes and it will keep suppressing that power of his. If his sword would ever happen to break though then all that rage he has been storing up in that katana would be unleashed and he could happen to go on a rampage killing anything that gets in his way. His dad left him the day after giving him the katana and hasn't been seen since then.

Since he had to carry around this katana everywhere he goes he figured at least he would learn how to use it and use it well. So he traveled around searching for a Master Swordsman to help him train. And he asked from a few people in the town he stopped by if there was anyone here that could help him with becoming a great swordsman. They said that at the top of the mountain lives a man who lives and breathes the art of the sword. He couldn't wait to get there so he rushed to top of the mountain where he asked the man to train him to use his sword. The man agreed but only if he would listen and follow everything he said no questions asked. And after 6 years of training he finally became a Master of the sword.

After accomplishing this wonderous feat he figured he would go back and visit his mother since it's been 6 years since they last met. When he arrived at the dojo he saw that his katana started to glow dark red so he rushed inside to see what was going on. He opens the door and sees his mom being stabbed in the chest with a katana. The guy holding the katana pulls it out of his mother and charges at Arashi (bad idea btw). So he readies his katana and in one fow swoop he cut his head clean off. Then the katana stopped glowing. Arashi hurries over to his mother to see if she could be saved. She told him it's too late. In her dieing breathes she gave him her precesses necklace and she told him that it could save him one day. As she passes away she mutters, "I Love You Son," and Arashi says "I love you too mom," in a whimpering voice. When shes dead Arashi starts crying and doesn't stop until the next morning.

One year after the incident with his mother he walks up to a bar with many thiefs and scandels sitting down drinking. Before even entering the bar he sees his sword is glowing dark red. Entering the bar they all stared at him like they wanted something. He walks up to the bartender and sits down on a stool and asks for a beer. Then everyone approached him. He gets up and turns around, asking if he could help them and then the leader of the group says yea you can help us by giving us all of your stuff. He kindly declines and then that guy starts laughing and throws a punch at Arashi. Arashi quickly catches his punch with his right hand and pushes him back. Then he pulls out his knife and cuts his face two times making a big X mark on his left cheek. He got very angry after that and pulled out his sword and turned his eyes red to take out all 13 of the scandels. And 10seconds later, all of them are on the ground either dead or almost dead. In a dizzy state he grabs his beer, pays the bartender and leaves.

One year after the incident at the bar he finds himself wandering toward a new town called NightShade...
He doesn't know why but he has a feeling that something very important is going to happen here, and sooner then he thinks.

Action Surge [Human]
Prerequisite: Human
Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus to attack rolls you
make during any action you gained by spending an
action point.

Long Jumper
Prerequisite: Trained in Athletics
Benefit: You can make all long jumps as if you had
a running start.
You also gain a +1 feat bonus to Athletics checks.

Spells/abilities List:
1.) Dark Earthquake (Channels dark energy from his sword into the ground, causing the ground to crumble and cause anybody infront on him, within 10ft, some damage)
2.) Fist of the mortal flame (Finisher) (Channels his energy into his hand creating a flame with the fire of the mortals and giving his punch a lot more force and burns the enemy, though he can only use this technique once per day)
3.) Night Blade (Surrounds his sword with his dark energy, making it have a 1.75x attack power boost and makes the sword glow with a dark aura)
4.) Darkness Beam (Channels dark energy into his palms*could be only 1 palm if he desires*, it forms into a ball of dark energy and shoots it straight at his target, traveling as fast as if he threw a snowball or baseball and explodes on impact within a 3ft radius)
5.) Dark Slash (Channels dark energy into his sword and swings his sword toward somebody or thing and the energy from the sword is shot out as a sonic wave of darkness toward the direction he shot it)
6.) Dark Aura (Passive) (Everything Arashi wears, clothing wise, begins taking in Arashi's dark power and they can repair themselves at a 10% repair rate, with a 20% energy reduction.)
7.) Fire Cracker (Condenses fire into a ball in his palm and when thrown at the target person or area, it blows up on impact in a 5ft radius dealing fire damage to whatever is in the area)
8.) Extension (He focuses his energy into his sword, points his sword in one direction and shouts out "EXTENSION" and his sword can extend in that direction as far as 15 feet, and he's able to control the length of the sword, but the longer he has it extended the more it drains his energy)
9.) Illusion (Make an illusion of himself and it's very hard to tell which one is the real one, making it easier to dodge an attack or to deceive someone. The illusions are set to disperse, once used, after five minutes.)
10.) Swiftness (Increases his speed 2x for 30 seconds at a time)
11.) Element Shield (Summons a dark, transparent shield that's 3x2 feet big and can see through, that blocks a series of elemental attacks and is bound to him, but he has to continuiously provide energy when it's bound to him and in order to move it around at will he has to provide even more energy)
12.) Dark Armor (Creates solid armor out of pure darkness which is heavy, but Arashi is strong so it doesn't affect him too much, it can block medium level attacks and lasts 60 seconds for a 1 times use per day, but it takes 25% of his full energy to summon it)
13.) Death Portal (Calls upon the portal to hell to summon an ally demon or undead creature once per day, the higher his level the stronger the creature he gets when summoning)
14.) Resist Fire (Passive) (Has a general resistance to any form of fire, resistance is 10%)

Sort of what Arashi looks like:
Arashi Takeda (Approved) Samurai-x-hd-630705
Arashi Takeda (Approved)

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